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Industrial Wind Ventilation is used recently in Industries.

Industrials Wind Air Extractors using the energy generated by wind to ventilate through the various precincts thanks to very good cost-benefit relation, because with a relatively low initial investment (compared with other systems) and non-energy consumption, coupled with no noise generation offers an ecological solution to the problems of overcrowding in places poorly ventilated and exposed to the sun, making a welfare for the people living or working there, properly evacuating smells and heat, are also collaborating with the conservation of stowed merchandise and the machinery well function.

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Industrial Ventilation with Air Extractors Wind placed on the roofs of industrial buildings, produce a depression (air flow) on the upper deck outside aided by the wind and also takes advantage of natural convection (hot air lighter less dense, tends to rise), producing the outflow.
Optimize the air outlet match making outside air conditions floor level.

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Industrial Ventilation with Wind Air Extractors is a smart and practical solution for autonomy (24 Hr operates at zero cost), no noise and no maintenance.

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