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Industrial line...

Wind Extractors ventilation is used recently in Industries, Homes and Buildings (Shunts or Ventilation Ends).

Wind Extractors using the energy generated by wind to ventilate through the various precincts thanks to very good cost-benefit relation, because with a relatively low initial investment (compared with other systems) and non-energy consumption, coupled with no noise generation offers an ecological solution to the problems of overcrowding in places poorly ventilated and exposed to the sun, making a welfare for the people living or working there, properly evacuating smells and heat, are also collaborating with the conservation of stowed merchandise and the machinery well function.

We have solutions; we are a manufacturer of fans for Industries, Houses and buildings around the world, sent the request for technical advice on installation.

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Home Installations...

Home line 1

Extractors placed in shunt or shots vents commons to several floors in buildings, which prevents the wind outside to drain through the output without motion (static), producing a counter pressure.
They optimize the flow of air preventing smells moving from an apartment to another (reflux)

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Home line 2

Extractors placed in point conduits 4 "(10cm), 5" (12.5 cm), 6 "(15 cm), 8 (20 cm), the purpose is to produce depression or exhaust air over ducts on these diameters, Also preventing the outside wind to drain under it.

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